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Mine Safety Instrumented analysis of the industry

Date : Mon,26 Dec 2011 13:51:58

As the relationship between the underground coal mine production safety of each worker safety, and therefore all countries of the world's mining products set a strict access conditions. According to "Production Safety Law," "Coal Mine Safety Regulations", "mining product safety supervision and management rules mark" and the relevant regulations, the use of coal mine security-related products must undergo a rigorous certification examination and obtain coal mining product safety signs, without obtaining the coal mining product safety signs, shall not be used. The requirement for new entrants play a limited role, is the industry's entry barriers.
Comprehensive technical barriers
As the complexity of China's coal geological conditions, the average depth deeper than the coal mines abroad, and thus the production of coal mine safety monitoring system of higher technical level and reliability requirements. Meanwhile, coal mine safety monitoring not only the integration of modern geology, electronics, sensors, communications networks, computers, engineering, artificial intelligence, multi-disciplinary application of technology, but also anti-explosion-proof design, safety spark circuit design technology expertise. So it developed, coal mine safety monitoring equipment manufacturing enterprises the level of theoretical study and practical application have higher requirements, required personnel, mostly compound talents, and thus new entrants have high technical barriers.
Barriers to the accumulation of R & D
Coal mine safety monitoring industry R & D, design process requires a lot of expertise and long experience, while many special equipment and special production process is long-term R & D, production process, according to independent research and summarize the experience, not put a lot of money can immediately obtain such R & D experience, research and development equipment, and thus it has become a new industry entrants one of the major barriers.
Brand barriers
As the coal mine safety monitoring industry's peculiarities, coal mining companies for safety equipment, high reliability requirements, the industry introduced a large number of departments in charge of mining safety equipment technical standards and also introduced a mine safety equipment on-site installation, use, maintenance of technical standards for coal mine safety monitoring system on-site use of a very high technical requirements and strict supervision and management, customer equipment manufacturer's product quality, technical service levels have higher requirements. Therefore, the equipment manufacturer's brand is the need to establish long-term use of the product by the customer in the process of product quality, technical service, timeliness and other aspects of service study to establish the equipment manufacturer's brand recognition to expand the higher the market will be faster, they do not attach importance to brand building for companies and new entrants will constitute market barriers.

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