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Current Transformer, Major Technical Parameters And Outline Measurement

Current Ration Rated Burden Wear Circle Number Outline Measurement

A 0.5 0.5s 0.2

LMZLJ1-0.66 Current Transformer

Structure Introduction:
LMZJ1-0.66 current transformer is indoor using products . For rated frequency is 50HZ and rated below 0.66 KV power system for current and energy protect . This products is castable current transformer, apply to Floor fixed and Mother row fixed.

Model And Meaning

Normal Operating Conditions And Installation Conditions
1.Installation site: indoor
2.Ambient temperature:-5℃-40℃
3.Ambient relative humidity:≤ 80%
4.Altitude ≤ 1000km
5.Air condition No serious pollution 

Current Transformer, Order Notes:

Users in order, should offer information blow:

1.Model NO. And Installation Mother row width

2.Current ratio

3.Rated output and class. (Example:order LMZJ1-0.66, mother width is 5mm, current ration is 600/5, rated output is 5VA, class is 0.5;order LMZJ1-0.66 50, 600/5A 5VA 0.5 class)

4.If you have special request, contact with factory


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